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Hello and welcome to the New Music Exchange, if you're reading this then the first question in your mind is -


Good question and it's funny, because over the years we've had several different answers to that question.

When we first established our company in 2000 our goal was to be a simple demographic company that provided information to independent artists from fans of independent music, but as times have changed so has our company. We changed from being a record keeping company to a virtual/universal A&R department and after our latest upgrade we will be a media hub that caters to independent artists. (Built by ONDABOX)


MAGAZINE - NMX (New Music Exchange) conducts interviews, posts  articles, as well as get stories from independent writers from around the world. We are very open and accept stories and press clippings from artist members who have signed up. Any information that we get from our artists will be added to our database under our “artists' profiles” and will be randomly displayed in our magazine section.

TWITTER -You can read tweets from your favorite indie bands (if they actually have twitter accounts) and tweet back to them, giving them your feedback (in 140 characters or less).

NMX Classified - Do you need something: studio time, instruments, band mates or are you just lonely? (Seriously, we can help you find future business partners.) Well, then just fill out a small online form and submit it to our “classified section” and it will be instantly linked to all of the other artists as an alert (in the classified section on their account page, which is updated on a daily basis).

NMX Blogging – As an artist, Twitter may not be the most suitable way of advertising yourself, you only have 180 characters. That's why we created a blog-sphere for all of our artists to be a part of. As a music fan you can read and respond to blogs, as well as choose from a variety of blogs that are on the NMX’s website. (Music fans and industry can not create blogs).

Photos - Originally an artist could only submit one picture for their account profile and one picture for their music player icon, but now artists can submit up to 15 pictures. Artists can only submit one picture for their icon and this time it is mandatory to submit.

VIDEOS/ BAND FOOTAGE/ PROGRAMS - An old feature, but a good one. Now that we have updated our search features, you as an artist are now required to list under what category your material is being submitted (VIDEO - professional or home made music videos / BAND FOOTAGE - live music taping / PROGRAMS - professional or home made music related shows). This adds to your online search résumé for the Industry when they look you up online. Second, popular shows will be linked to our social network for our network members (if your show is very popular you will be contacted by NMX directly and you might get your own channel to submit as many shows as you can produce for our world wide audience).

PRESS - Artists can submit press clipping from past shows. These press clippings will be added to their account and will be available for the industry to read along with the artist's profile. Of course there will still be articles on general information (random articles will be shown on our lead page).

WOLRD PREMIERE - Displayed on the lead page is the link to our “world premiere” section. This is the way that this feature works - say you have a song that you produced and you and your band mates aren't sure if it should go on your next mix tape, if you have an NMX artist account then you can go to the "world premiere" link and submit your song to the general public and get quick feedback from random listeners through "twitter" ( you can like response system and each response is confidential, that means the responses go straight to the artist and no one can see them except the artist who submitted the music - even then people submitting the feedback can't see what other people said about the song.).

BAND SCHEDULE/ SHOWS/CONCERTS - Just as before, bands will be able to submit their band schedule, but the new feature allows artists to have this information posted on the lead page under the "concerts/shows" tabs (when the artists post their band schedule they will be required to submit their location - country and state - and to check off "concert" or "show" - 20 to 1000 people = show, 1000 and up = concert).

NMX Mail - office use only- With this we can let people know when their favorite bands are coming into town. The NMX website will update these “performances” on our online social network and also tell you what bands are in the area. (Customers can check either 'yes' or 'no' if they want email alerts from NMX).

NMX SLOT SYSTEM - A brand new feature - This system is set up to give the Industry a more focused view of the artist selection process. In an Industry account, industry executives pay for their accounts and because of this they have limited access to artist’s demographics. With the NMX slot system, an industry executive can select as little as 10 artists and as much as 50 artists to interact with over the course of one month. These artists can be accessed from various genres through their NMX slot box (accounts can be updated at any time).

NMX DEMOGRAPHIC/ STAT SYSTEM - This is the foundation of our site so of course we updated our system with more graphics. We also included a more precise system as well as a word map feature.

NMX PASSIVE SEARCH SYSTEM - This feature has been updated to search out everything related to the artist you are searching for. Artists and music fans have limited database searches compared to the people that have registered Industry accounts. When an industry executive searches they see:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Band footage
  • Shows
  • Press
  • Stats and demographics
  • Music (their own work and who ever they ever worked with)
  • Personal information
  • Up and coming concerts and shows
  • Blogs
  • Twitter link

PERSONAL INFO – Required Information:

  • Updated Password (changed by customer/ company)
  • ID Number (Generated by Site)
  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Address (Actual Address)
  • City/State/Country/Province
  • Alternate Email (Not Required)
  • Phone/Mobile
  • Artist/group name
  • Type of Music
  • Music (Tracks)
  • Photos/videos/band footage
  • Links to blogs
  • Links to twitter
  • Press clippings
  • Band schedule

NMX social - Our social network is roughly a "Facebook" lite , if that's the case what's the difference between us and them?  Well for one thing we have videos built into the site based on Indie music videos and Indie band footage and we inform our members (through our NMX mail system) when there are new shows - exclusive to our members. (overseas web master - Ray Meer).

NMX radio - Our radio system is based around Indie music and the interviews of Indie artists. The site's content is produced by our lead DJ and program director Ryan D (famous international presenter).

NEW MUSIC EXCHANGE is a site that is designed to help new independent artists and expose a new generation of music to the world.

Thank You and Welcome to the New Music Exchange.

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