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Who We Are And What We Do

Established in 2000 under the name Altogether Different Inc., - The New Music Exchange was created to be a safe environment for artists, a new horizon for people in the music industry and a stepping stone in a worldwide revolutionary music movement. This music movement also known as “Indie” is the beginning of a new generation of music. “Indie” or “Independent” movement consists of up and coming or new artists that are marketing themselves without a label. They are bold. They are not waiting to be discovered; rather they are putting themselves on display for the world. They are sharing their music in the hope of getting a record deal. See our F.A.Q. for more information on our artists.

How does our system work? -

Artists register their music and their information-
In return we offer exposure, site management, free artist info and a demographic system.

When a music fan finds an artist online- he/she has access to the artist’s name, registration number, type of music, ‘hit meter’ and ‘download meter’.

As a new artist, your music will not be known by many people, but at NMX we plan to change that.  Fans have a chance to browse, listen to, or download your music, if they like it. Industry executives have the ability to listen to your music and sign you to a recording deal.

Here is how we can help you best. You (the artist) will upload your music, fans will listen to your music: and the following (example) statistics become available.

  1. You had 30,000 hits & 27,342 downloads
  2. Women, between the ages of 17- 25 living in New York love your music. Out of the 27,342 downloads - 20,000 were from women living in New York.

Smaller record labels won't need an A&R department to find you, because we are a virtual/universal A&R department. We are constantly updating our system with new information and demographics for our artists, so artist can now focus on their music.

Here at The New Music Exchange, we are ‘information brokers’ that means we deal more in the information aspect then the music aspect and we want you to feel comfortable leaving your information in our hands. We want to create not just a service, but also a utility that will be universally used. If we do our job properly, we should seem to not even exist to you. You (the artist) will be able to concentrate on your work, that’s the way it should be.

Welcome to the New Music Exchange.

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