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What We Do

A form of non-traditional soundscan
(a free service)


The New Music Exchange. (an indie music social network)

There are a few online music serves but what makes my site different then others ? 

This story should help to explain.

 We're dealing with an artist who signed a record deal with a major recording company. That means he's at the end of the road and his problems should be over but the new standard deal with unknown artists is the following -

 The artist will have his cd mass produced for limited release and if the cds sell a certian number in limited release then the major label reserves the right to consider doing a larger run of cds and then promoting them through their network. So it's up ot the artist to advertise their own cds and sell them on their own to reach the number because to prove they are a profitable group then they have to reach that number through "soundscan".

 ("soundscan" is a system that records music sales)

 Please keep in mind that if they don't sale a certain number then they get no support and also upon intially signing the deal they signed most, if not all of their online music rights so even if the shelfed cds don't sell the record company can get paid from the onlie sales and keep most of the profits.

 The New Music Exchange offers another option.

 An artist goes to our site and uploads their music and lets fans know that they're on the site. Music fans look them up and if they like what they hear they download. 


 Now we can give the artist back a demographic - 

 women  between the ages of 17 - 25 

location - brooklyn, New York

hits - 20,000

download - 17,523 


because of this information an artist can now prove that they're profitable and it also gives them the option to go on tour and make money outside of theire original deal.


The service is free for music fans and independent artists however it's subscription based for industry accounts however a bulk of our revenue will come from advertising.

 The site is more then a service - since we now have added NMX radio and NMX social it's more of independent music and information hub where we control content, advertising and promotion. We can even inform members when they're favorite band is in the area and we'll be upgrading to mobile base soon.






How can I get “free music”?

Create a New Music Exchange account and include:

  • Name (online)
  • Location (state, borough)
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Type of fan (music lover/industry/DJ/artist)

Answering a few short questions for us on New Music Exchange website, will help us with our demographics.
That’s it, after you fill out the questionnaire and survey you get a lifetime password that you can use anytime, anywhere.

What do I do next?

  • Listen to music or watch videos
  • Search for any music type or topic.

Do you have an artist you are interested in? Well, now you can search for them by their name and or registration. Your search results will give you everything related to the artist (magazine articles, videos, artist information, etc).



What do I get when I register to your site?

Good question. When you sign up these are the things you can do.

  • You do music—we do research
  • You do music—we update content
  • You do music—we maintain the site
  • You do music—we advertise the site

--- Plus ---

You have access to see your personal demographics, which means you can sell yourself to the industry or through tours and merchandising on your own.

How do I get access?

As an artist, when you register you will have to give a little bit more information than a music fans would.

  • Name (artist/group)
  • Location (state, borough)
  • Type of Music
  • History
  • Photo
  • Band Schedule *
  • Contact Information
  • Phone Number

(History, photos, & band schedule can be updated and altered by the artist himself/herself.)

Who will see my information?

Music fans will not see your personal information but they can look up your band schedule and pictures. (They also have access to blogs, videos and twitter post)

Industry have access to –

  • Legal name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Current address
  • Email address
  • Videos
  • Press releases and artist comments/ resume/blogs
  • Music (and any music that they have assisted with)

So, it's a free service?



  • No hidden fees
  • No future fees
  • No late check fees
  • No late library books fees (wait, we're getting off track here.)
  • No fees - ever - NOTHING!!!

How are you able to do this without getting money from us?

We get money through advertising and industry accounts. Industry has to pay- music fans and artists don’t.


I’ve seen lots of “free” music sites, why is yours different?

NMX is different from other sites, because we focus on the research behind the music as well as handling the needs of the artist. Other sites are only focused on the revenue.

We have seen how the online music revolution has affected the world. When it came to the record industry, a lot of companies had to cut back on their A&R departments. This had a negative impact on the artists; they had to struggle and work harder in order to get record deals. At NMX we make decisions and work in collaboration with our artists.

How will NMX benefit me and my company?

The New Music Exchange is a virtual A&R department. We gather and maintain information on all genres of music. From hip-hop to country/western—we cover it all.

Thanks to our data collection system, you can have the demographics on an independent artist before you sign them.  Taking preliminary actions and learning about your artist before you sign them, will give you the greater advantage.

So, does that mean anybody can get information on the artists?

Music fans have a password to get access to the free music.

Artists have a password to gain access to their own information to update it.

Industry also gets a password but they are ‘members only’ password. This allows you to have access to view the demographics for all the artists at once.

Picture a list of artists that you can pick and choose at your leisure with their personal demographics of where they’ll sell, how popular they are, where they’re located and if you want check them out on stage.

So, does that mean that we get free accounts?

MUSIC FANS GET FREE ACCOUNTS, this allows us to build our demographic database.

MUSIC ARTISTS GET FREE ACCOUNTS, to provide music for our music library and for our data library.

As for the Industry, this is what you will have to pay:

  • for $20 a month you have access to 10 artists in 10 different slots
  • for $25 a month you have access to 20 artists in 20 different slots
  • for $35 a month you have access to 30 artists in 30 different slots
  • for $50 a month you have access to 40 artists in 40 different slots and for $100 a month you have access to 100 artists in 100 different slots

What are "slots"?

The NMX slot system is a way to organize your selection system in an easier way to interact with our database.

Let's say you chose our $20 package ($20/10 artists/10 slots). When you search our database you may come across an artist that interests you. All you have to do to get their information is to “research” them (click the "research" button) and the artist will be moved automatically to your NMX slot box. Since you paid for 10 slots you will be only be able to choose 10 artists. You can not select any different artists for 30 days, you can however upgrade to the next account level any time you want.

You will have access to their -

  • Real name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Real address
  • Email address
  • Demographics and stats as well as normal access to music, videos and band schedules

Money for your account will be automatically drawn every month, unless you choose to cancel your account. You will get a warning 5 days before your account is done to let you that you have the option to change the artists you selected in you "slot box" or to simply cancel your account or upgrade.

How does the NMX passive search system work?

When searching for artist information, it will be organized by -

  • Real name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Real address
  • Email address
  • Videos
  • Press releases and artist comments/ resume/blogs
  • Music (and any music that they have assisted with)
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